What our Customers say...


I couldn't be more thankful for this SERVPRO! Matt and his crew were so easy to work with and really helped me understand everything step-by-step. I will definitely be recommending to family and friends.

When I had water damage at my property this team showed up in a quick, timely manner. They were very professional and made the process stress free. Would definitely use their services again.

Matt came out to view the damage that had been done after the fire. He not only knew what he was doing but also comforted me and my family and put our minds at ease. He and his crew were in and out in no time. They were kind, and very efficient. A+++ in my book.

Noah and his crew did great work for us!

I would 100% recommend this company for clean-up after any disaster! A current employee Noah Weber often explains the safety and discretion used while processing his client’s homes. His enthusiasm and thoroughness makes me confident I would be in good hands in my time of need! SERVPRO would be my first choice if I am ever come to need this service!

Awesome experience working with SERVPRO after our basement flooded from all the summer storms. They made the process so easy! Highly recommend. 

Kenny and Alex were an amazing duo. Very trustworthy and hard working.

SERVPRO was very helpful and easy to work with!

We needed a 20000 square foot location disinfected.... Gerard came in and showed us how we could avoid some unnecessary charges and provided amazing service while saving us a ton of money. His teammate Kelly came in and they kicked but for us!!!!. I would recommend them to anyone.... and I do.

We are grateful that SERVPRO responded so quickly and they truly made our basement look like it never happened after a septic backup.

Jaime is great helped us clean out basement and garage.

We had a washer over flow into basement. We contacted Kevin and his SERVPRO team arrived with equipment, sucked up the water and set drying equipment. After a few days all the moisture in basement was eliminated. We were concerned with mold since there was a lot of water. SERVPRO exceeded our expectations and was great to work with.

I warned my husband not to use candles on a windy night, but lo and behold he ended up starting a small bedroom fire with them. Not to worry, insurance paid for everything, and the cleanup crew got the home back to normal quickly.

I thought I could treat the mold myself, but quickly realized I needed the professionals at SERVPRO and I am so glad I called them.

Where I live, flood insurance is costly, but necessary due to how often it happens. I've hired this company twice now, and each time they've effectively and cleanly made everything spic and span. Now if only the weather could be so helpful.

Thankfully the firemen got to my business quickly, but there was still a lot of damage to the exterior of the building. Your team got everything cleaned up quickly, and did a very thorough job. Customers like the renovated look.

I recommend SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville for any fire damage inside or out!

With a tremendous amount of gratitude, I would recommend SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville to anyone needing water damage repairs. They are what a truly professional firm looks like.

Highly recommend SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville to anyone and everyone! Simply the best people and team!

SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville answered the phone even after hours, showed up when you said you would and didn't charge me an arm and a leg. I am grateful that your company was there in my time of need. You saved my business from major damage!

Your friendly staff answered the phone call on the second ring, and was a true professional when he showed up on time to assess my damaged bathroom from an unfortunate bathtub incident. The estimate was worked out with my insurance and I couldn't be happier with the repair. Thanks Again!

SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville made this clean-up super easy. I never knew mold could cause that bad of damage, but your repair service was awesome!

When a small grease fire took over my kitchen I thought all would be lost. Thankfully, SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville came after the fire department and made the repairs that saved my home. I am very grateful you came to the rescue.

I recommend SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville for any cleaning that your home or business may need. They are very professional and knowledgeable.

If it wasn't for companies like yours that were there to pick up the pieces following tragic fires I am not sure how the rest of us normal folk could deal with life after a fire. Your teams of experts are truly amazing. I hope anyone looking for fire damage repair services give you guys their business.

I dealth directly with the Owner Kevin and he made sure the job was completed quickly. The work was great and you cant even tell my basement had water damage. Great job Kevin and team!

Awesome job!

When St Louis experienced a huge storm the rain storm busted through one of my windows the water started soaking my carpet and the walls. I thought everything in the room would be a total loss, and would cost me a lot of money. However, when I called your team they were able to salvage more than I expected and did not take my bank account to the cleaners for the repair work on my water damage. So thanks! I really do appreciate all the help you team provided me.

My carpets look brand new again! Thanks!

After having a resident pass away in one of our units we called SERVPRO to clean it up. They were discrete, professional and fair. We have dealt with other crime scene/trauma clean up companies that took advantage of our situation. SERVPRO did not. THANKS!!!

SERVPRO came out on Christmas Day to clean up a large water damage in our basement. Even though they had to work on a holiday they still had great attitudes and were awesome to deal with. Jesse and Andy are great!

I had a large fire in my home. SERVPRO cleaned it up and rebuilt it. Looks brand new.

Great job! The mold is gone!

Quick response time!

This company has shown a lot of dedication from the initial consultation to the last bit of their job. There was no remaining water damage after they were done.

Floods are something that is inevitable. Fortunately, these professionals were quick to clean up all the water and restore the home from any damages

I have underestimated mold. These professionals have not only taken care of the mold problem, but they have educated me on the exact nature of mold.

A great work ethic, and a professional attitude, you guys really do what you say you are going to do for water damage.

Very courteous professionals with a great work ethic when it comes to cleaning up all of the water from a flood.

My most recent fire has done extensive damage to my home. You guys have done what I would have believed impossible and returned my house to pre-fire condition.

You have not only found the moisture, but the source of the moisture as well. You also got rid of the after effects of the leak.

For people that are looking for a flood repair service, save your time and research and give these professionals a call. They are immediate in the services they provide and they also treat you with respect.

This is the company I will trust whenever I need water damage repairs to my property. I won’t even consider another company.

These guys have some very powerful equipment for getting rid of the water. They also change out the flooded carpet in order to maintain the healthiness of the home.

I thought about taking care of the mold problem myself. I ‘m glad I let the professionals take care of this mold problem because I would’ve just spread it throughout the house.

These guys offer the type of flood repair services that I would’ve thought I needed to pay millions of dollars for.